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The most visited French tech site in Canada

An established brand that inspires confidence

The team has been taking up the challenge of making technology easy and attractive to neophytes for over 15 years! The popular website has established itself as the # 1 French-speaking tech and lifestyle reference in Canada.

Living connected, knowing how to hang out

Technology is more than ever at the center of our daily lives. Its positive impact allows us to live connected to each other. However, we also discover the importance of dropping out in order to maintain our balance.
Franç is the reference to help French Canadians take advantage of techno on a daily basis, in addition to being a source of ideas for quitting.

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A podcast that reveals the true colors of our guests

François Charron receives inspiring personalities every week

On all platforms!

Over a glass of bubbles, François Charron meets people he loves and who inspire him to discover their true colors and what motivates them. Prepare for the positive ... because despite the Russian mountains, the goal is to end this podcast by saying ... La vie est belle (Life is good!)!

A website and a conference to prevent digital fraud

Help internet users navigate safely

Scammers compete in their imaginations to trap you on the web or on your smartphone. Learn the new ways to defraud yourself or attempt to steal your identity. See the latest hackers' tips to rip you off. Find out tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and also how to get out of it if you ever get cheated.

An anti-fraud kit to be well equipped

Protect yourself from web fraud with great tools for your computers, phones, tablets and accounts.

Alerts and advice to be vigilant

Our team is on the lookout on a daily basis for frauds that could get to you. Have informed you and explained what to do to avoid falling into the trap.

A conference (in French) to understand fraud

Web fraud is an even more threatening scourge in telecommuting time. With his conference, François Charron helps you prevent fraud and identity theft.

Thematic collections inspired by our brands

Support for a great cause

Eco-responsible production

For each item sold, agrees to donate the equivalent of the cost of a meal to Les Banque alimentaires du Québec.

Original creations

Each product purchased in our store is personalized especially for you by piece in Canada. To fight waste and overproduction, no inventory is wasted.

Our team creates visuals inspired by current events that they transpose into unique collections.

An inclusive webzine for women of all generations

Fashion, beauty, cuisine, lifestyle

A site where women are not girls ... They are proudly women, better still tornadoes! A space to take responsibility, to surpass oneself, to live fully, to have fun.
Lyne Ste-Marie has built a real community that interacts and is touched in the truest sense of the word by her publications.

Lyne Ste-Marie

With her magazine, Lyne Ste-Marie has been shining on the web since 2013. From miss weather forecast on TVA to beauty columnist for Marina Orsini, she is a staple in the female media universe.


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unique visitors per month

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The tech news podcast to stay up to date

For techno fans.. or not!

Each week, François Charron and Vincent Paquette provide an update on the week's tech news and review the key topics that have been talked about on social medias. A podcast aimed at both neophytes and techno fans.

On all platforms!

A RV transformation project

To give ideas and make people dream

Chronicles for DIY enthusiasts

Attractions and destinations in Quebec and on the Globe

I bought an old beige 1995 RV with the roof leaking and looking like I used to. Follow this mega transformation, all the adventures and misadventures surrounding the project. Following the renovation, follow us on our Road trips adventures across the country.

A complete interior and exterior renovation that will make you dream! see how with a very reasonable budget, you can DIY a palace on wheels. All the steps of the project in pictures and useful articles to guide you in your renovation project.

Fallow us on Youtube and Franç

Our Motorhome travels to the most beautiful attractions to make you experience the best of each of the destinations on our way. Summarized in pictures, it's as if you were there!

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